Buying your fabric

I went out to buy my fabric today and was a little confused by the materials list given in the instructions, so I wanted to explain some terms. First of all she mentions that your main fabric should be a fat quarter. I'm not a quilter so I had no idea what that meant. Here is an illustration/definition:

fat quarter: A 1/2 yard of fabric that is cut in half between the selvages so you end up with a piece of fabric that is approximately 18" by 22".

so if you had a yard of fabric the following dark yellow region is the fat quarter.

So when you are buying your fabric you will most likely just buy a 1/2 yard which will give you two fat quarters (make a second one as a gift.)

Her instructions call for a fat quarter used from a 54" wide fabric. A lot of fabric comes in a skinnier 44" width. If you buy the skinnier fabric you can either make 2 skinnier bags or cut the fabric down to 26" wide and make one bag with some leftover scraps- it just depends on the look you are going for.

So here is what you need to buy:

1/2 yard of main top fabric
3/4 yard of lining/accent fabric


  1. Dude. That totally helped.
    I was lost!

  2. Anonymous6.3.09

    NOW it makes sense! I was just purchasing huge amounts of fabric to find I had way too much for the project!! Ooops!! :)
    Good blog by the way, I like the whole idea of this, I look forward to seeing more projects :)

  3. I love the idea of this blog! I sew but take a ton of short cuts so it's nice to learn correct sewing terms, lol!

  4. Thank you
    Thank you
    I've been wondering what a fat quarter was for a couple years.

  5. Thanks! I was also confused about how much fabric to buy!