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Shelley from Kitchy aprons emailed us photos of her bag. I really like her idea of using leftover fabric to make a little tag or wallet to hang off of the handles. Her is a photo of her bag. You can see more detailed photos of the bag on our flickr group. - presser foot - of coarse.
click here to go to our flickr page. - hopefully we can all start uploading our photos there.

You can learn more about Shelley through her site: www.kitschyaprons.com.

Shelley had the following comments about making the tote bag:

Hi there.
I found your blog on twitter and love the concept. I also loved the bag, so I had to participate. It worked out well for me. I had just cleaned out my stash and just hapened to have a stack of upholstry fabric sitting there on my ironing board (because it always seems to double as a table/shelf) waiting for an idea of what to do with them.
I found the instructions pretty easy to follow and learned something new along the way. I'd always wondered what exactly a "fat quarter" was! It took me about an hour and a half and I made a little phone pouch to match too. The only challenging part was self-inflicted becuase I chose striped fabric that I needed to match up at the base.
Everything came out well and I love the final product. However, if I made another one (I probably will) I will make it with longer straps. I'm a mom and need to be able to keep my hands free, so I'd prefer one with long enough straps to wear it on the shoulder.
Looking forward to the next project!

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  1. I love the idea of the little add-on bag...this is just darling!