one down

it took about 2 hours, but I got this first one finished. a couple things you should know:
1. The cutting diagram kelli did is off a little, unless you want the tote for french bread the squares should be cut as 13"x14" for the top fabric and 13"x15" for the lining.
2. the bag is smaller than i imagined. the finished bag is 11 1/2" tall, 9"wide, and 3" deep. my Real Simple magazine can fit down into it with out being seen, but I wish it were a little wider, maybe 2 or 3 inches.
3. i modified the handles, because my top fabric is cotton and too flimsy, so instead of folding the 3 1/2" fabric in half and sewing it, i cut the handles out of both fabrics at 2 1/4" x 13", sewed the cotton to the duck cloth and turned it inside out and top stitched. I used a half inch seam allowance to catch the salvage in the top stitching for extra reinforcement.
But, overall I think it's cute and was pretty easy to make.


  1. Your bag is darling! I love that fabric!! I was just printing out all the instructions...now I need to go through my fabric stash and see what I can come up with... smiles!

  2. Good job Rian, it looks great.

  3. i think it turned out great. Although I am very anxious to see how the other one turns out.

  4. I had decided to participate a few days ago but didn't do any work. After seeing this beautiful bag, I got motovated! I dug through my stash and whipped up a bag last night. I'll email pictures today. It was easier than expected!

  5. I love your bag. I was hoping I could use mine as a coloring/activity book holder for church, and it looks like it will work as is, but maybe I'll follow what you said and go bigger. We are out of town this week, so...who knows when I'll get it done. Good to know it's a quick sew!