Peasant Top Attempt #1

Hey! This is Megan and I used to room with Kelli in school. I was so excited when Kelli told me about this little group! I set out to make Top D, but as you can see, it ended up being Top D sans sleeves. I tried it on after sewing the yoke on and realized that I would have to wear a shirt under it. This, along with my trepidation that the sleeves might not fit my not-so-skinny arms, and the knowledge that puffy sleeves do not often mix well with broad shoulders, led me to fore go the sleeves and just hem up the arm holes. I have sewn only one other clothing item in my lifetime; pajama shorts in middle school and they did not need to "fit". Since I agonized over every step I was unsure about (23 out of 23 steps), this took me about 10 hours, minus dinnertime, some disappointing March Madness basketball, and the PBS Masterpiece movie.

Next time I will know to make the yoke smaller, take it in on the sides, and run the gathering stitches in the yoke a little longer. The did not want to stay gathered at the edges of the gathering seams. I did shorten it 3 1/2" and will probably lengthen it next time 1/2"-1". I tried taking a strip of grey fabric and running it across the chest like an obi and that was really cute so someone adventurous wanting to really modify things could try a fat strip across the chest with straps rather than a yoke shaped top.

I had some problems getting things to line up despite cutting and sewing meticulously - particularly sewing the tops of the straps together - which led to each strap having one small pleat and two asymmetrical straps. Don't look too closely me or the shirt - I didn't get the tripod out for this photo so you get a dark room and me leaning to try and be in the frame! Overall, I was just pleased that it looks like a shirt, that it fits fairly well, and that it doesn't fall apart when putting it on!


  1. i think it looks great. i am especially impressed with how even your gathering is. and i LOVE your fabric choice. it looks perfect. great job on one of your first clothing items. (and i love your haircut) thanks for participating.

  2. I think you did a fabulous job.
    This one scares me too. I am also a pajama pants seamstress only! LOL!

    P.S. I would KILL for those skinny arms of yours!

  3. You did an awesome job on this...it looks adorable! smiles...

  4. Your last sentence made me laugh! This top will be the first garment I've sewn for myself since 7th grade. Let's just say it's been a few years so if mine looks like a shirt and fits fairly well it will be a smashing success.