What to buy for project #2

If you look on the back of your pattern or click here and look at the instructions you can find out how many yards of fabric to buy for the top you choose and your size. It will be anywhere between 1 3/8 and 1 7/8 yards if you have 45" fabric and 1 yard and 1 5/8 yard for 60" wide fabric.

Fabric recommended by the pattern are: Lightweight Fabrics Such as Cotton • Cotton Blends • Challis • Gauze • Double Georgette • Cotton Knits • Jersey. Additional Fabric may be needed to match stripes, plaids or one-way design fabric.

As a side not I would say that if you are a less experienced sewer I would stick with non stretchy and non slippery materials and go with more of a cotton.

I made a similar peasant top last summer and highly recommend getting a thin fabric that will somewhat flow. The more the fabric gives the less you will look like a tent.

When choosing a size take your measurements and compare them to the ones on the back of the pattern. It will most likely be larger than you expected. That being said, all of the reviews I read on Patternreview suggest going down a size because the pattern runs very large.

You will also need the following notions:
1 spool of matching thread
1 Package of 1/2" Wide Single Fold Bias Tape
Top D - 1 Yd. of 1/4" Wide Elastic
Top C - 1 1/8 Yds. of 1 1/2" Wide Pre-gathered Crochet Type Lace Trim, 7/8 Yd. of 1 1/2" Wide Pre-gathered Lace Trim and 3/4 Yd. of 1 1/2" Wide Pre-gathered Eyelet Trim.


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