May's project : the Shirt Dress by Dana

So this month we are going to use the tutorial by the ever talented Dana (our guest blogger this month) on how to make a little girl's dress with a men's dress shirt.
I feel like this is especially pertinent because we just had earth day. It's a great chance to reuse an old shirt from your husband's closet or a thrift store. I hope everyone will participate (even if you are like me and don't have a little girl - this will make a great gift).

That's all for now. I will let Dana take it from here.

p.s. I think Dana's photos of her little girl in the dress are adorable.


  1. You're right Kelli, very appropriate for Earth Day. I can't wait to get started! Tips and info coming soon!

  2. Awesome! I want to play!

  3. ok i am excited about this project. it will be my first with the blog. i just wish i had a better camera so that when i took pictures of my goods they would look better. maybe i will hire kelli to be my personal photographer...

  4. Here's a link to my blog post showing my finished dress:


    This is what happens when you forget to add seam allowances. sigh.

  5. What fun, so glad to have wandered by this month. My Dress is posted, come by and see!