Blast From The Past

I finally finished the first project!!! Yay! I was really hoping to create an anthropologie-type of look because I am so in love with that store. However, my thrifty ways keep me from visiting very often. So, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I have not done a real sewing project using a pattern (and following the rules) in many years. Probably close to 10 years, to be exact. Kelli, it has really been taking me back to our high school days. Anyway, I love this blog because now I feel like I'm sewing with friends again. Also, I would like to take a moment to thank Emilie for the spring cleaning post. It's like I have a brand new machine now that I learned to clean it!

I had a love/hate relationship with this shirt and became very good friends with my seam ripper :-) I like how the lace is very forgiving of flaws that may or may not exist.

I made a couple of minor alterations because I have always been a deviant when it comes to patterns. I got the idea for the pleating from a link that Kelli posted. Then, I accidentally cut the shirt too short, so I fixed that by adding extra trim to the bottom hem. It was destiny because I ended up only having about 2 inches of the doily material left over when all was said and done.

My narrow shoulders really appreciated the tip about taking in the neckline by an inch or so. I really love this pattern, especially now that I have learned from this first shirt. When I got all the materials for the skirt project today, I also picked up some red & white seersucker material for attempt number two from this pattern. I think I'm feeling sleeves this time ...


  1. I like this top!
    I love the contrast of the green and white.

    And I also could not believe how much better my machine ran after its cleaning either!

  2. Great work! This top is really cute. Can't wait to see what's next!

  3. Al this looks SO cute! I love it. So Anthropologie. It's funny because i feel like that is usually my goal as well. That or JCrew that is. I am glad you are going to do another one. Once I made one I was able to whip up the other two in just a couple of hours. I think I am actually going to lengthen it and make a dress soon too. And I am so happy that you are going to make the skirt as well. It is bringing me back to high school like you said.

  4. I love the way you really personalized it - those pleats are so darling! and I only just got around to making the peasant top recently, too!

  5. Allison! so cute. I love this shirt, you look great...so fun! I cut out the fabric for my first shirt but have not touched it in weeks. I love that you are sewing. those are great memories. thanks for sharing! good luck with the other projects.