Shhhh...I'm sewing.

Another great idea for scrap pieces of fabric: make a quiet book. My good friend Anna started putting together this blog when she found herself unsatisfied with what the Internet had to offer by way of quiet books. Whether at church, at the doctor's office, visiting your grandmother, or traveling, if you have kids you will find yourself in total desperation at times trying to keep them quiet. I'm collecting my scraps now and will start assembling soon, just after I cut out my skirt pattern. Check it out here. Just one more great idea to pass along.


  1. Anonymous18.6.09

    lol, I was looking at examples of "Quite Books" last night and thinking of making one!

  2. Anonymous18.6.09

    oops I ment "Quiet"...

  3. Gawsh, I'm flattered! I made it on the presser foot and now I feel famous! :)