Getting rid of the gap in back, post one demolition

one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing down the back of almost every girl in America's jeans. my next biggest pet peeve is constantly adjusting my own pants as they slide up and down my backside. There must be jeans some where that are made to perfectly fit even after 2 hours of wear, but I'm sure I can't afford them. In stead I buy $2 rummage sale jeans and build a new butt for a custom fit. I have done alterations for a while and taking in the back of jeans was my most requested. This can be a little scary the first time, so I do suggest you learn on a thrift store pair of jeans before you tackle your name branders. A saggy butt isn't flattering on anyone...including me...

seam ripper
denim needle
thread to match your jeans (just regular old thread)
thread to match the top stitching of your jeans (most often gold, it is a much heavier thread and is sold as a top stitching thread)

Step 1
Mark your new seam line. I suggest you wear the jeans for a day first so they are nice and loose and have a friend help you. This is as simple as grabbing the back of your jeans and pinching out the slack. I then use two straight pins to mark one each side where the new seam will be.
Step 2
remove the belt loop. this will cover up the seam line that will extend through the waist line. If there are two belt loops on either side I take them both out and in the end replace it with just one in the middle.

Step 3
cut through the waist bandStep 4
seam rip thought the bum line and all layers of top stitching until you are one inch from the crotch seam (wear the inseam, front seam and back seam all come together between your legs).

Your should now be left with a huge hole and totally commitment to this project. Tomorrow we will put them back together.