Just before Kelli left for home we were able to sneak in a fabric shopping trip. It's funny to see some of our similarities through sewing and in this case how we both run our hands across the length of a bolt of fabric we like just to take a moment and imagine all the possibilities. It is so hard to see her go knowing it has been so long since the last time I saw her (I think its been 20 months or more) and that it maybe, but hopefully not, that long til I see her again. At least we have this blog to keep us connected.

Here is what I came home with:
I have decided on pattern D and will do the main body of the apron in the lemons and the flounce (bottom skirt portion) in the polka dot. I just made a guess at how much fabric for the contrasting flounce, so stay tuned to see if I guessed right. Happy bolt braising.


  1. I see it all the time but I don't know how to trust myself to try it out, but how do you mix patterns and know it will work? I think I'm more of a person who releases the art from the material rather than seeing it in my mind's eye first. Any suggestions on switching that around?

  2. i say just go with your instincts. i love contrasting fabrics. also, you can always hold two fabric bolts up next to one another to see how they look. and remember - not matching sometimes looks beter than matching. maybe focus on complimentary colors for inspiration because they always look good together.

  3. Lovely fabrics! I think that apron will turn out very summer-y. Cute!