cutting the darn thing out

For some reason I have really had a hard time getting going on this project. But FINALLY I cut out my pattern with the necessary changes. Because there were quite a few changes determined from my muslin I thought I would post some pics of the changes that I made.

First on the list was raising the neckline. I used the same method that Rian used in her post called Taking It Up a Notch.Next I lengthened the bodice front and bodice back by about an inch. I did this by simply cutting straight across the bottom section of the bodice piece and then using some of the extra tissue paper provided to tape a 1 inch section of space in the pattern. Here is what it looks like.



I found the waistband also to be a bit wide for my upper waistline so I made that a bit smaller as well. To do this I simply folded a 1/2" tuck on either side of the waistband to take out the excess width. Here is a closeup look:

OK, now I have just got to get rolling so this doesn't become another half finished project on the pile.

Do you guys have the same problem as me? If so what do you do to keep on task and get excited about a project again?


  1. Kelli, I get sidetracked easily. I want to sew and I want to knit and I want to embroider and I want to read and I want to eat. Then there's the whole issue of sleep!

    To attempt to keep on track I offer myself rewards. If I finish this and this then I can start that! It's very hard when one's creative brain is in overdrive ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your site. Just found you guys today (surfing at work -- shhhhh!) and love, love, love it.

    Hmmmm, well when I do a project I tend to pile things onto my list because I think of the million other things I want to sew. However, I never start something I'm not totally excited to finish and then wear.

    From time to time I'll work on something more difficult and time consuming (making a cutie-pie tranch coat right now that will not be a quickie project by any means) and if I find myself getting burned out on it, I'll just sew something that'll only take a day or two to get through, THEN go back to the more daunting project. I generally sew in the evenings for maybe a couple of hours at a time, so that's usually enough to cut & stitch a skirt or something.

  3. I haven't been to the site in a few weeks, but wow...every time I visit I get inspired to try something new...but alas, my sewing machine is acting wonky right now :0( Checking back might have just given me enough of a kick to get it fixed and back to sewing again!