Pillow Forms

For those of you who plan to make pillows according to the pattern directions, you'll have noticed by now (I hope) that almost all of the different pillows call for a pillow form in the notions section. If you've then taken the next step to price and or purchase these forms, you'll have also realized that even with Jo-Ann Fabric having them on sale buy one get one free, they are expensive. Well, I'm here to solve your budget worries. :-)

A pillow form is really easy to make and all you need are needle, thread, muslin (I love muslin) and polyfill (Or some other filler material) - super easy, and polyfill is also on sale buy one get one at Jo-Anns.

Step 1)
Determine the size you need your final pillow form to be (mine is a 14 inch form) and add half an inch to the total measurement and cut two pieces of muslin in your desired size. So for my 14 inch pillow form I cut two squares 14.5 inches.

Step 2)
Making sure your fabric is right sides together, pin around the edges of your shape to keep the pieces in alignment and then sew around the edge using a quarter inch seem allowance. Be sure to leave at least a three inch gap in your stitches to allow you to fill the form and backstitch at the beginning and end of your stitches to reinforce them.

Step 3)
Turn your form right side out and use a turning tool (my favorite is a chop stick) to poke the corners out nice and crisply.

Step 4)
Now is the fun part, get your polyfill and start shoving it into the form until you've reached the desired level of poof.

Some people will tell you that if you put it in using smaller amounts rather than large handfuls it won't be as lumpy over time. I have yet to find that true, especially after a washing or two, but feel free to believe whomever you'd like.

Step 5)
When you've filled your form as full as you'd like it, carefully turn the edges of your fabric in at the opening and pin the gap closed.

Then you need to carefully top stitch the opening closed, or if you wanted to, you could hand stitch it using a whip stitch. I went for top stitching, since it's just a pillow form, it doesn't need to look 100% awesome, so the three inches of top stitching were fine for me.

And, tah-dah, you've got yourself a pillow form. And I promise it only cost a couple bucks tops.
Now you're all set to make your covers for them, and get them on your furniture for the world to admire.

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  1. Great tutorial! I have wondered about the handful sizes of poly-fil. I'd heard to put in small handfuls, but didn't know if it really made a difference.