Quarantined Costumes

So, what would you do if you were quarantined in your home for seven days with the suspicion of swine flu? I spent the first day wrapped around the toilet unsuccessfully keeping the Tamiflu down. This morning, start of day two, I am feeling much better and decided to finally cut out my daughter's Halloween costume. Last week we had the stomach flu and had decided to give up and buy hers. Unfortunately I didn't act on that prompting soon enough because I am now not allowed to be in any public settings until the day after Halloween and out of the four of us she is the only one who has somehow escaped the ravaging pig. She asked to be a fairy, no particular one, thank goodness, as I have a lovely coral-pink bridesmaid dress waiting to be refashioned into this:
I finished cutting out the pattern and started sewing the petals when my energy gave out and I decided to let you all know I hadn't totally fallen off the earth, although my pillows may have, we'll see what tomorrow brings. Regardless, there will be one more fairy in the world this Halloween. Our son, on the other hand, has a great pirate costume, home sewn, and ready to go...around our house. I should have know, he was born in the year of the pig.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. I know the costume will be adorable!