Ugly Pillows

So today I took a trip to the local thrift store and bought two horribly ugly pillows to cover. Coming in under $5, they felt like a steal (well because I knew their potential). So here you go - a nice before picture. Arn't they ugly?

Stay tuned for the transformation.


  1. You know the Four Seasons pillow was loved by someone, LOL!

  2. I like them how they are! They add personality to your couch! {TOTALLY kidding} Looking forward to the transformation!!

  3. I had a client that used a similar fabric to the red/tan fabric as accents on her screened in porch. Looked great! Okay, perhaps they don't suit your taste but as a Seamstress for hire, I wouldn't say "ugly." Might hurt someone's feelings, ya know?

    Sorry, just a little un-solicited advice form an older seamstress.