December's Project & the Chinese New Year

This is indeed my first appearance of the month. I have been hiding behind massive piles of boxes, furniture, and junk. Those of you who have done it before will know what I am talking about...the dreaded move. Our house went on the market last night. What makes this move a little more challenging (advise please!) is that we are moving to China and basically need to sell, give away, or finally give up and trash everything we own. There have been some bitter sweet moments for sure. Getting rid of stuff is very liberating...and that's what I keep telling myself over and over, "It's just stuff." But on the flip side I really like some of our stuff and have great memories attached to it. I will, of course, be keeping my sewing machines. They will be my carry-ons on the big day (that means my kids will just have to walk), but for now they are sitting on the top shelf of a closet with no sewing table in sight (it is in the "to sell" pile). Now that all the major work on getting the house ready to sell is done I am hoping to be able to bring the sewing machine down and do a little Christmas sewing. Which brings us to December's project!

This will be a no pattern, use up all of your scrap fabric kind of a project. That means that every one's projects will be totally and completely unique. I can't wait to see the results. There will be no give away this month, as the goal is to use up what you already have, consider it a Christmas gift to Mother Earth. See below for a little inspiration.


  1. Hey there! We are just moving back from China at the end of December. We spent the last four years in Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei. If you are moving to one of those cities, send me an email and I'll be happy to get you connected. Good luck with your move! China is super fun.

  2. Do I need to sign up somewhere to join?

  3. No sign up necessary. Just start sewing a long. glad to have you aboard.