Sugar Rush Sewing

Finally Sunday has arrived, the last day of our quarantine. It is amazing to me how little we have accomplished with being home for so long, although I did squeeze in the important things like finishing Halloween costumes and taking a nap everyday. We ended up letting both kids go Trick or Treating. We figured there is no real contact in having candy dropped in your bag and we stayed within three blocks of the house. My pillows for October's project will be finished soon, just give me a couple more days. My energy is still pretty low, but that's what Halloween candy is for, right?


  1. Even without the sickness in our house the costume too priority over the pillows. I'm hoping to get on them this week - at least at this point I've got all my fabrics chose and washed.
    I love the pirate costume, what a cute buccaneer.

  2. They look so cute. Good to hear you are feeling a bit better. I hope you'll all be well again soon.