Stocking Patterns

Today I am thankful for a gas fireplace and 4 wheel drive. With just a flip of the switch I have added warmth and ambiance. With just the turn of my driving wheel I actually turn, unlike many other drivers who start skating into the intersection as they brave the drenching snow storms. My couch is now vibrating as another snow plow goes by, or is it my kids jumping upstairs?

Christmas is sneaking upon me this year. I haven't bought or started a single gift. There isn't a Christmas tree yet. And not a single holiday decoration is up in my house, except for the couple of Halloween pumpkins that haven't found their way out yet. So today! Goals for today are all of the above, starting with my Christmas stockings.

For my patterns I use grocery adds. I choose them for several reasons. First they are a glossy print so the ink doesn't transfer to my fabric. Two, I don't have to buy anything. Three, they fold nicely. Four, I can multi task grocery sale shop while I work.

Things to remember when cutting out your pattern:
1. after drawing on your pattern remember to add your 5/8 inch seam allowance before cutting them.
2. You can do just one pattern, but you don't have to. I did three. One long skinny one for me, One short stocky one for my husband, and One average sized and shaped one to use for the kids'.
3. Before you pin your pattern to your fabric decided if you want your stockings to all point the same direction and cut accordingly.
4. If you mess up, or don't like your pattern just recycle it and start again.

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