February's Giveaway and Project

As Kelli mentioned, we are both expecting, girls in fact, which makes clothing fitting a bit of a problem. We are also assuming that everyone else isn't pregnant and therefore would not want to make maternity attire for the next several months. For this reason we are going to continue to set aside the dressforms, or absolute envy of them in my case, and work on other sewing projects on our must make list. I have been fretting over what to make next month, but thanks to my REAL SIMPLE subscription our worries are over. It was love at first sight. This belt retails at Saks Fifth Avenue for $285. Wow I have good taste. The under layer of the original is calfskin with the folded overlay in grosgrain ribbon. Baby cows fear not, our under layer will be fabric with some stiff lining, but we will stick with the grosgrain ribbon. Realize however you could make this out of any fabric you have on hand. I'll give exact details later. Wouldn't this look awesome in a bright print over a solid colored dress? Really, you are only limited my your imagination.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to be our guest blogger in February and winner of everything needed to replicate this fabulous belt. Sign ups start now and end next Friday the 22nd at midnight. If you know how we run our guest blogging skip the jargon below and go directly to comments, but if you are new, please see what you are signing up for first.

What presserfoot will do:
  • we will provide you with next month's pattern (unless, like next month, I will be doing the tutorial on presserfoot.com with all patterns and instructions there)
  • we will provide you with some awesome fabric to make the pattern
  • we will do a short feature on our blog about you and your blog (if you have one)
What we ask of you:
  • we ask that you make the pattern in the month given with the fabric
  • we ask that you be an author on our blog for that month and make at least 4 posts during the month about your experience making the pattern.
  • you will need to get your own notions, interfacing etc..


  1. ooo! i love belts! i'd love the opportunity1

  2. oh, me too! i love this, and was just saying that i'd like to do some more step-by-steps on my blog!

  3. I don't know if you accept applicants from the UK but that looks a fabulous belt and I'd love to have a go at it.

    Coventry UK

  4. I currently own a grand total of 1 belt. I think I might need another... or several more...

  5. I would love to do this! Super cute belt, I would love to hang out on Presserfoot next month.

  6. count me in, that belt is gorgeous!


  7. I'd like to try a belt. It would be fun!

  8. I'm overseas too but if people in Japan can apply, count me in!

  9. That is seriously cute! Sign me up!

  10. Super cute and so versatile! I'd so appreciate the opportunity to try it out and share experiences with others.

  11. I love it. Sign me up for the fun.

  12. I thought at first that was a headband and I wish it was because it would make such a cute headband!!

  13. Anonymous10.2.10

    I would love this! I am a new craft blogger and am trying to do new projects each week!
    please sign me up!