The Plan : Guestblogger Holly

My fabrics have arrived! The floral pattern is so pretty and modern, I love the colors! I’ve been planning how I’m going to make my wasp bag, so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you all! I’m going to modify the pattern a bit, so I’ll be posting the things that I did differently in case you want to make the modified version. Here is the plan:

I really like the shape of this bag, but after looking at additional pictures made with this pattern on the wasp bag flickr group, I realized that the top portion is actually two flaps that aren’t connected on the sides. I’m always worried about things falling out of my purse, so I’m going to close up the sides. I’m going to make the top portion and the handles out of the black corduroy for a little texture, and then add a ruffle on top because let’s face it, I’m obsessed with ruffles! The rest of the bag will be made out of the floral fabric, and the inside will be yellow.

I’m going to attach the straps on the inside rather than with a button on the outside, just because I prefer symmetry and I think it will be too much to add a button and part of the strap over the ruffle. I’m also going to add the zipper to the inner pocket and add an additional double pocket (without a zipper) inside as well to hold my phone and lip gloss. And of course a little bijou lovely label!

I’ll be using quilted lining in addition to interfacing because I want the bag to have a more structure without being too stiff. I have my matching thread and magnetic snap closure, as well as a black zipper for my inner pocket (not pictured).

Here is a (very rough) mockup I made in photoshop, just to be sure it would all look okay.

So what do you think? I’m hoping it will actually look somewhat similar to this when I finish sewing! Now that I have the plan and all of my supplies, it’s time to start cutting! I’ll post measurements for my modifications if anyone wants to make the frilly version of the wasp bag.


  1. we are so excited to have you guestblogging this month. i think you ideas sound great and i can't wait to see how they all turn out. now ive just got to get started on mine!

  2. I love the fabric you chose and the ruffle sounds adorable :)

  3. sounds awesome!!!! I wanna see your changes for sure!

  4. Sounds lovely! Unfortunately I can't see your photoshop mockup. Can you post it again?

  5. Love the fabric! I can't wait until we can see the finished result!