Alternate Ribbon Accessory (flowers)

As I have been experimenting with different belt options I came to the realization that I didn't need the same exact belt in multiple colors. We started with 3 different back band options but we now enter "1 belt 10,000 different ways." I found this tutorial on Craft Wise for making these fabric flowers. I altered the sizes and shapes slightly to crate a little variation and visual interest.

1. Follow the tutorial steps 1 through 4 on Craft Wise.
2. Instead of hand sewing the center of the flower I used the circle button hole stitch on my machine to both secure the petals and attach the flower to the belt.

3. I bought small sphere buttons and attached them through the center of each flower. I had planned on hand sewing them through, but the vinyl proved too tough for me. Instead I clipped off the back button loop with some wire cutters and hot glued them in place. They seem really secure, but we shall see if they hold in place.

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