From Guest blogger Suzannah: Work in Progress: The Belt!

Work in Progress: The Belt!

Hi there,
Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking again! I'm here to show you my steps on the belt we're replicating this month at Presser Foot.

So here's what I did. Using the Presser Foot instructions and formulas for size, I started with my grey vinyl and cut it to the width I wanted, adding 1/2" on both sides for seam allowances.

Then I cut the fabric backing for the belt (I'm gonna use the same fabric for the "ribbon"), the same size as the vinyl.

I looooove my see-through ruler, it is so useful!

Here are my materials for the belt itself. (I didn't have wide enough grey elastic, so I thought about using the black, but then I got some wider white, so ignore the black elastic in this picture).

I pinned the fabric backing and the vinyl front right sides together, and sewed along both long sides.

I flipped and turned it right side out (this was a drag!), and pressed it as flat as possible. That vinyl is sturdy stuff!

I tucked the ends in and finger-pressed them a little, in preparation for putting in the elastic.

I inserted the elastic in the middle of the end (wish I had elastic the same width as the belt, but oh, well) and pinned.

I just sewed straight across the end, then turned the corner and topstitched on the long seams.

There it is! Plain, but a belt. Ready for trim. The topstitching makes it look pretty good already, I think. I used about 1/4" (the width of the presserfoot).

Next I used my "ribbon." I had a small piece the width of the fabric (about 60"), which I trimmed up evenly to the width of the surface of the finished belt. No seam allowances on this ribbon piece.

I switched to a really thick cotton thread, so the stitching would show up. I used that same scant 1/4" seam from the edge and sewed along both sides.

That's where I am so far. I'm looking forward to more instructions here on PresserFoot for how to do the fun part--the tacked-down ribbon trim that adds that nice texture and cuteness to the belt!
Stay tuned for more pics!


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