Maternity or Not Frock : Hemming

The basic form of your frock is almost done. We just need to give it a hem.

1- First try it on right side out. It is easiest to use a friend or a dress form. Place a pin in the center front, center back, and side seam where you want the hem to hit. (use your measuring tape to measure from the floor to the hem line to make sure it is even all the way around.)

2- Add about 1 1/2" for folding and then cut off any excess.

3- With frock inside out fold bottom edge up 1/2" all the way around and press.

4- Fold up another inch all the way around and press and pin.

5- Edge stitch around entire frock, backstitching at both ends.



Good job! Your basic frock should be done now and look something like this. Next we will make some optional embellishments.


  1. I have a question:

    If this IS being made for a maternity frock, will the big baby belly make the hem in the front significantly higher than the one in the back, since you cut both rectangles equal lengths?

    It seems like it would. If so, how could you make them more even. Would you cut the front longer and try and graduate it to the back or simply cut the front panel longer and have a jump at the side seams. Or maybe a slit?

    I hope that made sense.
    Any thoughts?

  2. emilie,

    you are exactly right. it would make the front shorter than the back if you just fold it and hem it. to make sure that it falls evenly measure from the floor up all the way around. you may need someone to help or do what i did and put it on a dress form and stuff the front to make it look prego. the measurement should stay the same from the floor to where you want the hem to hit in the front and in the back. you should really hem all garments this way as we are never identical in the front and back (although it is usually our butts that are bigger than our fronts) let me know if this doesnt make sense.

  3. That totally made sense.
    Got it.

  4. thnak you for your tutorials, especially this frock series. :)