Ballerina Baby Stencil

This design was inspired by my second cousin, I think that is right- it's my cousin's baby. This beautiful baby's mother happens to be a ballerina so I wanted to make a baby gift with her mother in mind. I took a simple white onsie and freezer paper stenciled some small pink ballet slippers on the top and sewed a pink tulle tutu on the bottom. Click here for my ballerina shoes pdf.


  1. I want to know about this "freezer paper stencil"! Do you have a link or post about how to do it?

  2. that's one good looking baby:) I'm pretty sure that she is your first cousin once removed and that she and your kids are second cousins. I don't know, that all gets confusing. Thanks for posting the pdf. I'll let my ballerina friends know too.