by the letter, by the car

I personally love initials. There is something about putting your personal stamp of "this is mine" on something. There are a lot of great fonts out there and an endless supply of where to get them from. A lot are free and some of my favorite ones are not. Of course there is always the grate fall back fonts that you get by just opening a Word document. Here is a new site I found with large pdf letters to print out. Each letter is created in shadow giving you the option of the smaller inside letter, the larger outside letter, or you can cut them both out and go for a two toned look. Duplicolor.com offers all of their stencils for free, including letters, numbers, flames, and footballs. What? Yes, this is stenciling made for men or a least car lovers. So get your husband, boyfriend, or maybe it's you into the mix and go do a little temporary stenciling on your car.

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