Making a Freezer Paper Stencil

For the ease of finding it, I am reposting my tutorial on making a freezer paper stencil. Hope you enjoy! Submit your original stencils to dearpresserfoot.com and they too will be featured on our blog.

Step 1 tape down your freezer paper, shiny side down (if I am making an image I think I will use again I will tape down 3 layers of freezer paper, it's just as easy to cut through, if your exacto knife is sharp)
Step 2 draw your picture or trace an image on the freezer paper
Step 3 cut out your image, it goes faster than you would think, so be careful (as you can see I use a self healing mat, I have a big one for fabric and a small one for paper crafting)
Step 4 iron your stencil, shiny side down to your fabric. you want to use the heat setting appropriate for the fabric you are using. I hold it down for about 10 seconds and then overlap onto the next section. when it is done there will be a tight seal, no bubbles, around the edges. Make sure you do NOT use any steam. My iron automatically adds steam to a cotton setting so I have to empty all the water out of my iron first.
Step 5 insert a layer of newspaper, etc.., in between fabric layers so the paint wont transfer to the other layers of your garment
Step 6 paint. I go back over it at least twice as the cotton soaks some of the paint in
Step 7 let dry according to the fabric paint manufactures instrustions
Step 8 peal off your stencil and enjoy!
I machine wash my painted garments inside-out and hang dry them to avoid cracking and fading.

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  1. Hi Rian! I was so inspired by your adorable shirt that I made a similar one for a baby shower gift. I posted it on my Facebook page and linked back to give you credit for the original design (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=499003356811253&set=a.459295950781994.112158.456285477749708&type=1&theater)