Inspiration Anthro : Blossoms Cardigan : Steps 1-7

Today I am going to show the steps to get started on the back blossom of the cardigan.

(click image to make larger)

1- First cut out a piece of jersey and heat n bond that is the general size of the blossom. (about 6 inches square).
2- Using the instructions of the heat n bond - adhere one side of the head n bond to one side of your jersey (if your jersey has a right and a wrong side this would be the wrong side of your fabric). Let cool.

3- Using the photo above as a reference free hand the blossom onto the paper side of the heat n bond.

*One thing to note is that once the blossom is cut out and attached it will be a mirror image of what you are drawing. To remedy this create your images as if they were being attached to the opposite side of the cardigan and then once they are attached to the correct side they will be facing the correct way.

4- Now, cut out each of the shapes.

5- Pin the shapes to the cardigan in the desired arrangement.

6- Lay flat on your ironing board. Using the heat n bond instructions as a reference, unpin one shape and peel off the paper backing. Adhere to the cardigan.

7- Continue with remaining shapes.

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