Inspiration Anthro : Vintage Lace Dress : Materials

During the next week and a half of Inspiration Anthropologie month we will be making this Vintage Lace Dress. When I saw this dress on Anthropologie's website a couple of months ago I instantly put it in my "to copy" folder on my desktop. Not only is it beautiful with it's delicate lace and 1950s inspired floral fabric, but I also knew that something similar could easily be replicated at a fraction of the price (it retailed for over a hundred dollars). This week I am going to show you how.

click image to enlarge

Here are the materials that you are going to need for this project:

-about 1 1/2 yards of vintage flower fabric (I think you could even repurpose a vintage sheet for this) I would suggest a lightweight cotton or linen.
-1 1/2 inch black elastic - enough to go around your high waist
-one white or cream tanktop
-3/4 yard of vintage looking lace about 2" wide
-1/4 yd or cotton fabric that matches your tanktop (white or cream)
-matching thread for bottom, white for top, and black for elastic


  1. I cannot WAIT to make this! So cute! Hopefully it's not too difficult for me- I'm new to sewing!

  2. I am so excited to make this as well!!!