Inspiration Anthro : Vintage Lace Dress : Steps 11-16

Now that we have most of the top portion of the dress completed we are going to finish the top off with the embelishment.

11 - Cut 2 pieces of lace, both the length of your centerfront plus about 2 inches.

12 - Place the pieces of lace with the straight side of each one facing the inside. Pin in place.

13- Edgestitch about 1/8 " inside of each piece of lace.

14 - Fold over the top ends of the lace over the neckline. Iron and pin.

15 - Stitch around the center portion of the neckline at about 1/4" to secure the neckline lace in place.
It should look like this after stitching.
16 - Trim the bottom of the lace so that it is even with the bottom of the tanktop. The top portion of your dress is now finished and should look something like this:

Come back in a couple of days and we will make the skirt portion of the dress.


  1. Couple of days?! How am I going to fulfill my plans of wearing this dress to a bbq on Saturday!??! :) Seriously, though, this is an amazing tutorial. Thank you so much!!

  2. I just finished the top and I'm pretty happy with it. Thanks!

  3. I need some serious help with the elastic portion of this tutorial. Serious. Thanks though, for everything so far.

  4. This is looking incredibly good!