Pockets, Step 4

As I mentioned in a previous post, I like things that close. Call it minor OCD, but I have bad dreams about things falling out, you name it. I therefore decided to leave off the 3 panel pocket as described in the pattern and instead added a closing pocket for keys and such and a second smaller pocket for my yoga punch card.

I used a simple rectangle folded in in half. Sew around leaving a hole to flip it right side out and, as always, don’t forget to trim your corners.


Here is the finished pockets. I will be adding a button or snap closure to the brown pocket so that nothing will be falling out.


I asked Shawn how she like the three panel pocket as designed in the pattern. She said the construction was pretty simple and was happy to find that the pockets were big enough to hold her keys and a water bottle. Pick a pocket.

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