Cynthia Rowley Knit Dress : adjustments and steps 5-6

This is the last point that you can really make adjustments to the fit of the bodice so try it on and see see what you think. You can see from this pic that I had way too much width on mine so I decided to take it in about and inch on each side. Once I knew it was the right fit I finished the edges off with an overlock type stitch on my bernina and trimmed the seam.

As a result I had to take the same amount off of the waistband pieces and also reapply the interfacing to the left side of the bodice. Hopefully yours will fit just fine and you won't have to do these extra steps.

5- Pin interfaced waistband to bodice right sides together. Baste (long stitch) at 5/8".

6 - Pin noninterfaced waistband's right side to the wrong side of the bodice. (the bodice is now sandwiched inbetween the two waistbands) Stitch at 5/8" over basting and thru all 3 layers of fabric.

Trim seam allowance and press waistbands down.

Baste the bottom edges of waistband together.

Your dress should now look something like this:



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