Cynthia Rowley Knit Dress : Steps 12-19

Today we are going to tackle the other pocket and also attach the skirt to the top. By the end of the day it should really look like a dress.

12 - Change your stitch length to a smaller one. (I changed my usual 2.5 to a 1.5) Then make a 1 inch stitch 5/8" in from the edge over each dot on the left front side of your skirt panel fabric.

13 - Change stitch length back to normal. Pin one pocket piece to left front side of skirt panel - right sides together - matching notches and dots and edges.
Stitch between dots backstitching at both ends.

14 - Press seam allowance towards the wrong side of fabric, which pressing the pocket piece out and away from the skirt panel.

15 - Pin other pocket piece, right sides together, to sewn pocket piece.

Stitch pocket by starting at top large dot, backstitch, stitch all the way around pocket, and end at other dot, backstitch.

Finish off and trim seam if desired.

16 - On front skirt panel, clip seam allowance to large dots. Get as close to the seam as possible without snipping it.

17 - Fold pocket to the inside of the panel - press. (your seam allowance for your pocket should now be extended out while your skirt seam allowance is folded towards the back of the skirt.

18 - On the front side of your skirt panel, slip your seam allowance that is above and below your pocket (above your top clip and below your bottom clip) to the front of the skirt. The seam allowance of your skirt should now line up with the seam allowance from your pocket.

Baste stitch over where the pocket meets the skirt seam allowance to connect the seam allowance into one continuous line.

19 - Pin the right side of your skirt to the right side of your bodice waistband. Pull threads until the skirt is the correct gathered size of your waistband. Stitch at 5/8".

Finish off seam if desired ( I did my mock overlock stitch on it).
Trim seam allowance.

Press seam allowance down towards skirt.

Here is what your dress should look like now. I am pretty excited about how it is looking so far.


  1. It looks so cute so far. It doesn't look like the pockets are making the skirt hang funny at all. I love it!

  2. This dress looks really cute. I love the fabric. I remember when we were roommates you made a couple things, but I had no idea you were a master seamstress AND an artist. You continue to be amazing.

  3. kelli, i read on pattern review that some people found the dress to be too snug around the waist with the interfacing on the waistband...they opted to lose the interfacing there and thus lose the zipper, too. what do you think?

  4. Erin - I have to agree. Because I have the interfacing there is no way on earth I could do without the zipper. But if I lost the interfacing - or just interfaced with a knit - then I think I could also lose the zipper. Just make sure that you use a stretch stitch or serge all horizontal seams.