Cynthia Rowley Knit Dress : Steps 7-11

OK, let's get going on these darn pockets. Now, just as a sidenote, one of the most common suggestions I have received on this dress is to omit the pockets. Some say that the fabric is just too heavy and it makes the dress hang funny, others say that it makes the zipper impossible to put in. I have to agree with those comments, but then also say I LOVE POCKETS - so I am going to try them anyway with the option of always sewing right over them and cutting them out at a later date if they don't work. Am I just a glutten for punishment guys?

So with that said, let's get going with the right pocket.

7 - First we need to prepare the skirt panel pieces for the pockets. To do this simply baste stitch (the longest stitch on your machine and don't back stitch either end) 1/4" from the top edge and 5/8" from the top edge on both the front and skirt panels. Start and stop 5/8" in from right and left sides to allow room for your side seams.

8 - Take the front and back pieces of the right pocket and the front and back panels of your skirt. Pin one pocket piece, right sides together, to the right side of the front skirt panel matching dots. Do the same with the other pocket piece and the back skirt panel.

Stitch at a 3/8" seam from top to bottom of the pocket pieces on both front and back skirt panels.

9 - Fold the pockets away from the skirt panels and press so that the seam allowance is pointed towards the pocket piece.

10 - Pin the front and back skirt panels and pocket pieces together along right edge with right sides together.

Stitch at 5/8" starting at the top, down to the first dot, pivot 90 degrees, stitch around the pocket to the second dot, pivot 90 degrees, and stitch all the way to the bottom of the skirt panel.

11 - Clip the seam allowance on the back panel right above and below the pocket so that it can easily stay towards the front. Press the pocket towards the front skirt panel.


  1. Anonymous24.7.10

    I'm planning to make this dress soon, and these posts are very helpful! I'm going to leave the pockets off my version, because I never use them. Is the zipper on the side with the pocket? Because I have never been able to figure out how to accomplish that successfully!

  2. stitchywitch - yes there are pockets on the side with the zipper - i am a bit nervous about that myself. im crossing my fingers though! good luck with yours.