Sewing Spotlights

I wanted to tell you guys about some of the awesome sewing projects that I have seen around the blogisphere of late that I just can't get out of my head.

First of all this Anthropologie inspired dress by Julie of Julie's blog. I just can't stop thinking about it. I want to copy her and make one just like it (I hope you would find that flattering and not obnoxious Julie). And if you don't know about her you should start checking her blog. She has a very rarely found fashion forward sewing blog.

So, I am just not a quilter. I don't have the patience to make them, and my decor doesn't really lend itself to them. That being said, Leslie of The Good Report (and an old college friend of mine) makes really beautiful and modern quilts that I just love to look at. Look at these for her daughter's room.

I love Madeline of Uber Chic for Cheap. She did this DIY post over at ISLY recently and I thought it was brilliant. I want to use her tutorial and make one for myself. It's funny, but this kinda reminds me of when I was younger and puffy paint was so popular. We would put similar print cutouts on tshirts and then puffy paint around them. Just shows how things come back around - just much cooler. Here is Madeline's original DIY post of this on her blog.

I have been following Erica Bunker's blog for awhile. Not only is she from Alabama (where I grew up), but she is a very skilled sewer and seems to whip up amazing outfits constantly. I thought this skirt was especially great. It is one of the Cynthia Rowley patterns that I have had in my stash, just havn't made yet. Now that I have seen hers I think I need to make mine.

I hope these inspire you guys as well. It feels like a great day for sewing!


  1. Great links - thanks for the inspiration! I also totally remember that puffy paint!

  2. wow, thanks so much!

  3. That dress is amazing!