Mad Men Sew-Along Button and Participants

As per request here is the Mad Men Sew-Along button for you to put on your blogs if you like (but no pressure).

Also, here are all of the participants. If you would like to be added or taken off of the list please let me know. I think it will be really fun to be able to follow along with one another as we sew.

Kelli Ward www.presserfoot.com
Rian Krommenhoek www.presserfoot.com
Kat http://citizensofnewsalem.blogspot.com/
Sarah www.emmyloubeedoo.blogspot.com
Wendy http://w38th.blogspot.com/
Cher www.snelldogs.blogspot.com
Brenda www.brendassewingnook.blogspot.com
Sewing Princess http://bombardone.com/sewingprincess/
Susan http://mudinheaven.blogspot.com
Bonnie www.mycoldlittlefeet.com
Kelli http://www.whimsikel.blogspot.com
Kelli www.smalltownstitcher.blogspot.com
Bagfashionista http://bagfashionista.blogspot.com/
Kira Rae http://www.itsinthebagmadebykira.blogspot.com/
Kayla http://frecklesinapril.blogspot.com/
Sarah Jean http://haslemstuff.blogspot.com/
Emily http://afewthingsemilymade.blogspot.com/
Fullerton Regan http://stitchinmyside.blogspot.com/
Erin http://chocolatetatertotscheerios.blogspot.com/
Cami http://acandiedapple.blogspot.com/
Katharine http://sewdamnfine.blogspot.com/
mbb. http://briebarton.blogspot.com/

First post on cutting out and preparing your muslin to come later today!


  1. alright...my name is on the list...i'm going to try my very best to follow along!!! off to the sewing store tonight!

  2. I also want to do this, but may be a little behind with the holidays right around the corner! I'm excited to see the progress and will join in very soon!

    I'm also crushing on that lace number posted the other day!!!

  3. Yaaay!!! A button! It's FAB!

    I'm on the list, so now I'm even more motivated to git'r done! Got my fabric over the weekend!


  4. Okay, I picked up the pattern today, and I have selected two fabric choices from my stash as possibilities. My name is not on the list yet, but I would like to be added because I am just that crazy...whats the worst that can happen? Looking forward to seeing what everyone does.


  5. see as i'm moving, and just sent my 'stash' into storage (terribly sad) i think i'll have to bow out. darn! it sounds great and i will follow anxiously!

  6. I got my button on my blog! I love it and I'm so excited to get started!

  7. Is it possible for me to join in now. I self-draft my patterns and i have one similar pattern fit for me...can i join in... i have a leapard print dense fabric too....