Mad Men Sew-Along : Buying Your Fabric

A few of you have asked about buying your actual dress fabric. Since there are a ton of crazy sales this week and many of you might actually have dad's home to babysit, this might be the best time to go ahead and buy the rest of the stuff that you need for this dress.

Main fabric - I would suggest something with structure. When you wear something that is fitted like this dress is it tends to show everything, so something with structure would be more forgiving and flattering. That being said I think that a light weight wool would be gorgeous, a thick cotton blend like a cotton sateen, corduroy, twill, or a linen for something more summery. I would avoid satin's unless blended with cotton or such, or anything with alot of stretch (a little in a cotton is good).

Here are few options that I found online that I think would look great , all of which would make drastically different looking dresses. (click on them to see their sources):

- You can buy plain polyester or satin lining or a cotton if you prefer. The pattern only lines the bodice. Rian and I will both be showing you how to line the entire dress. So if you want to line the entire dress make sure to get the same amount of lining fabric as you did dress fabric. Does that make sense?

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