Back from the holidays

Wow, time has flown. I took a little break for the holidays, which turned into a few weeks as it always seems to do.

Even though my Mad Men Dress wasn't finished in time for the holidays some others have finished theirs. Check them out:

Lynne of the Sewing Cafe
Regan of Stitch in my side

Has anyone else finished that I've missed? Check back tomorrow for an update on my mad men dress.


  1. I never even got started. Making presents for other people took priority and life is just busy during the holidays. I hope to participate in the sew along though.

  2. I have just ironed mine today... need to take pictures and post. I hope the weather will allow... I would love to read tips about it though

  3. I'm running behind on mine too. I'll get the muslin finished up and pictures posted within the week. Then I've got to go buy my fashion fabric. The holidays sucked me in!