I won!

Funny story. Since baby Maaike ins't allowed outside during cold and flu season (not funny and screaming with cabin fever) I have become addicted to entering online contests. I figure that if I can win something I will have physical proof that I am also providing for our family, aside from keep our three children alive and I really want at least one thing to move into our house since we sold everything else. I have entered everything from small blog fabric swatches to the HGTV Dream Home giveaway. I was really hoping that Ellen or Design Mom would come through for me, but they didn't. The dream home is still up for grabs...cross my toes. But, I did win a deco kit from Sweet Paul! One of my favorite new blogs.The funny thing is that I misread my winnings. I thought I won a decor kit, so I was picturing a box of some sort to appear in the mail. It also took forever to get here and I was starting to worry my dreams of providing for my family was a sham. But, the other night I pulled this over sized envelope from my mailbox with various custom forms on it and so here it is. The Eco Deco Kit. Basically it is punch out red paper garland... from Australia! I was totally confused at first, but now I am totally excited. This will certainly liven the farmhouse up as much as any decor kit. My only debate is whether to use it now or to save it for next Christmas. What do you think?


  1. Use them now! If you've got cabin fever, at least they'll change your view!

  2. Instant gratification, of course:) It is colorful and lively and will help with your cabin fever:)