Heather Bailey apron

May I start with my apologies.  I cannot figure out how to get these pictures to rotate.  They are saved on my computer up right, but every time I upload them, no matter what I do, they are back sideways.  Help!

But, I did finally finish the Heather Bailey apron I was making for my sister-in-law for Christmas. When I showed it to my husband and told what it was for he seemed quite impressed, followed by a, "Wow you are really ahead of the game this year."  That's when I had to break it to him that this was her gift for last year and I am actually really behind the game.  As far as the pattern goes I think it turned out well and is really cute, but I don't like how the halter and waist ties are added in.  The ruffle flounce at the bottom was added on and not part of the pattern because I ran into some fabric issues as my sister-in-law bought the fabric before I found a pattern.  I also top stitched everything because I think it looks more professional, but it is not called for in the pattern.  Overall it gets a B+ in my books.  Now if you could just tilt your head to the right you will see what I am talking about.


  1. It looks good, Rian! I'm always behind with gifts too.

  2. I bet the photo problem is due to the tall&skinny cropping of your photos. Blogger just can't handle photos that don't fit "normal" proportions.

    Try recropping, if you still have the originals, or put both photos side by side in one file/canvas (in your editing program). Then try uploading again.

  3. That's adorable! I need to make myself a cutesy apron stat. I've got all these ideas and fabric, but I've jut put it off and off.

  4. NEW FOLLOWER HERE, FROM BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA :) I LOVE this apron, I've been wanting to do a couple for myself (I work with apron all day long and the ones I wear right now are ugly!) Will you ever post the step by step of this one? Thanx. GREAT blog :)