Better late than never? The pattern

Okay, so after many of you said you had problems with the Shirt Dress pattern in the sleeve area......
I updated the pattern measurements. SORRY to all for the headache. My daughter is a skin-and-bones girl, so the original measurements are what I used. Hopefully the updated measurements will work a little better. If you're still plugging away at this month's project, REVISIT the pattern pictures.

I'm loving all your creations btw!


  1. Thanks for the update. I really enjoyed making mine and I'm excited to try again and hopefully do a little better. I just got back from the thrift store with two more shirts!

  2. perfect. i have another shirt waiting. perhaps i will attempt sleeves on this one.

  3. Thanks Dana. Even when my niece breathed in as much as she could, it was never going to fit! Take 2 is now on my To Do list...