My Shirt Dress

My husband has had this shirt for years, but never wears it because the fit is weird. This made it perfect for the Shirt Dress. Because the print was so masculine I paired it with a femmy aqua polka dot fabric.

I also had major problems with the neck/sleeves. I started this for my 4 year old and we could not get it over her head. So I ended up re-cutting it and making it for my 2 year old, Evangeline (seen below).

I will definitely try this again, but might take a cue from Kelli and cut the top straight across and then add straps. I am also going to raise the belt a bit more so it creates an empire waist.

I still LOVE the outcome of this one. I'm giving you two photo options....

Shirt Dress: Happy

and Shirt Dress: Cranky

Those red-heads are a feisty group.
Thanks for the fun pattern!
I can't wait to experiment more!


  1. i think the sleeves look really great - the addition of the teal to the sleeves make them really stand out!

  2. this looks GREAT! i love the way you did the sleeves with the little cap. so cute.

  3. What a fun dress! I love the combination you chose - so cute!

  4. I love what you did with the sleeves!
    SORRY TO EVERYONE WHO'S HAD PROBLEMS WITH THE SLEEVES. I need to just change the measurements. My daughter is very skinny, so those are what I used for her. But duh, if everyone has a problem with it, I need to change it.
    Anyhow, GREAT dress. Cute color combo!

  5. I just had to say your little girl is ADORABLE! I like the cranky pic!

  6. adorable! I love the stripes and the color combo!

  7. I think her red hair makes the outfit. I too love the added detail on the sleave. The color combos are great too. Love it!

  8. I think shirt dress cranky is my favorite!