Spring Clean your Sewing Machine

I got out one of my husband's shirt to make my shirt-dress tonight and realized my bobbin was looping badly. Don't worry, it was a test piece of fabric. Anyway, whilst I was changing the tensions, etc., I decided to give my machine a little cleaning. I have had this machine for 3 years without ever having it serviced or cleaning it. Oops!

Because we don't have the $85 it takes to get my particular machine serviced by a professional, I followed this video tutorial by Bethany Mann. I cannot believe how much gunk I brushed out of my machine and it is now working like brand new. Woo Hoo! I'm ready to get my sew on! If you haven't cleaned your machine recently I highly recommend it.

Spring Clean your Sewing Machine from bethany mann on Vimeo.


  1. oh - thank you for this... My grandma bought me my sewing machine new, but it was now a good, um, 16 years ago? And I've never cleaned it or had it serviced. Yikes.

  2. thanks so much for this. now that i am back to my old machine i think that it is time to give it a little spring cleaning.

  3. Another perk to Berninas (in case anyone is still machine shopping) is that the metal plate near the feeddogs pops out without having to use a screwdriver. I clean under there and around the bobbin area after every project. If you ever work with chenille or minky - you wouldn't believe how much stuff gets under there!

  4. Anonymous25.2.10

    My husband said 'Turn the machine off FIRST or it could take your fingers off.'