Apron View D : Steps 17-22 and understitching

Attaching the flounce is exactly the same from view D to E, but after that we go our separate ways. With view D we have our V cut collar line that is made by cutting a small piece of fabric with interfacing fused on to match the same lines, sewing them right sides together and then flipping the interfacing over to create a seamless look on the front of your apron. The instructions describe this pretty well as long as you under stand what UNDERSTITCHING is.

Understitching attaches the raw edge to the layers of interfacing. In the photo above you will see that the main body of my apron in out to the left, while the interfacing is under the presser foot to the left with the raw edges laying on top. Simply sew a straight line down the middle of the raw edge to attach the two. Note: No stitching will appear on the front, main body of the apron.
Images below show the front and back view of the apron after the understitching is complete. Any questions?

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