Apron View D: Steps 29-31

In my book there is a much easier way to do step 29. Instead of covering Band 6 entirely with interfacing and then measuring and turning in your 5/8 inch seam allowance, I like to trim off 5/8 inch from the interfacing on the edge that I will be turning in. Then I adhere my interfacing to the fabric. I now have the perfect edge to turn my fabric from. The fabric naturally eases in the fullness as you press over the edge as it is now just a single layer.

1. trim interfacing 2. adhere interfacing to wrong side of fabric
3. turn in seam allowance along interfacing edge
Now you are ready to pin the Band facings to the bands on front, making sure that your straps are out of the way. I sometimes pin my straps several times just to make sure they are in the clear of that side seam.

1. Pin

2. Sew 3. Flip 4. Slipstitch

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