Finishing up Apron E : Steps 13-16

First tackle the tie (piece 9). Make a 5/8" narrow hem just like before on the two long edges and the pointed edge (leave small flat edge alone)
This can get a bit tricky around the point so you may need to either clip out some excess fabric or tuck some of it in while sewing.

This is what it should look like for both ties:

Now attach the ties to the waistband.
Fold the two ties - wrong sides together - in half along foldline. Match the symbols of the waistband to the symbols of the tie (or just line them up with the end)
Pin in place. The ties will be pointing towards the inside of the apron at this time.
Fold the waistband right sides together so that it is now covering the ties. Pin in place.

Stitch just to the outside of the front of the apron's sewn edge.

Trim the seam allowance down.
Flip and press.

The pattern suggests slipstitching the back edge down at this point. Instead I just edgestitched all the way around the waistband so that it matched all of the narrow hemming on the rest of the apron.

Final pics coming tomorrow.

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  1. I'm so excited to see the final product. I think these aprons are so cute. They will definitely go on my to-do list, and hopefully someday soon, I will have more time to do them! I know I will have a great tutorial to guide me when I do.