Apron View E : Steps 1-5 (the pocket)

After cutting out your fabric the first step is to make the pocket. I hate making pockets, I think they are much more complicated than they need to be. So, I am going to show you how I simplified the pocket procedure.

First I cut out two (instead of the designated one) pocket pieces.

Sew both pieces together at a 5/8" seam allowance with right sides together - leave an opening in one side about 2" wide so that you can turn it right side out.

Trim seam allowance and clip notches out of the corners so that it will bend smoothly once turned.

Turn pocket right side out and press. (Press opening closed so that it matches up with the other seam edges)

Position pocket on front piece of apron. The pattern has markings for this - I, however, decided that I wanted the fabric design to match up so I positioned it a bit higher and more upright than the pattern suggested.

Pin in place.

Edge stitch around the two sides and bottom of the pocket.

Press and it is done. (Much easier than the way the instructions suggest)


  1. What a great idea, you are a genious. I want all of my clothes (dresses, tops, everything) to have pockets and I'll definately being using this idea. Thanks!

  2. I love that fabric! Totally love it. Can I get it somewhere?