To serge or not to serge?

I know, it's a nice problem to have. I owe it all to my handsome husband who surprised me with my sewing machine and serger for a college graduation gift. Many years later I am still known at the shop where he bought them as, "oh, you're the one who's cute hubbie came in and bought them for you. You know he asked so many questions he wanted to get just the right one." I know, he's a nice husband to have.

I love my serger. It's quick, clean, awesome. So one might ask why then did I spend my evening waiting for said hubbie to come home at the ironing board measuring, folding and pressing a narrow hem? (click here for a great picture tutorial by Kelli on making a narrow hem)
As you can see in the picture I did use my serger on some parts, in particular parts that are 1. not seen and 2. not in a high friction area. The flounce and sides of the apron simply lay flat on your body, but the neck and waist ties will be pulled, knotted, bowed, and adjusted over and over again. I fear the interlocking thread would not hold up over time with such abrasion, while the narrow hem has the raw edge neatly tucked inside for optimum durability. And besides, I think it looks nicer. Got to have a little apron pride.


  1. Sometimes I too want a neater looking edge and do a double turned hem instead of just serging and turning under. For the double turned hem though I still serge the side and then turn twice. I use the serging stitches as a perfect 1/4" guide.

  2. looks great, and remember, apron pride is never little!

  3. I have this pattern and the next few steps just irk me. I am so glad I found your blog! Now I can (shortly) see what your recommendations are.