Apron View E : Steps 6-9 (the flounce) stay stitching and a narrow hem

Now that the pocket it attached to the front piece it is time to tackle the flouce (pretty little ruffle on the bottom of the apron).

First I staystitched the upper edge of the flounce.

- Sew a stitch line just inside (1/8") of the normal seam allowance. Since a normal seam allowance is usually 5/8" from the raw edge, then the staystitch line is usually 1/2" from the raw edge. This stitch is usually called for on curved or bias cut edges and will give extra reinforcement to prevent it from becoming stretched or distorted.

Then I made a 5/8" narrow hem on the bottom edge of the flounce. If you have a serger then you don't have to do a narrow hem. Just serg and turn under. But I think the narrow hem looks really sharp. And get use to it because you will be doing a lot of it on this apron.

Narrow Hem - A hemming method where you fold the raw edge at 5/8" and press. Open and fold again so that raw edge is along crease. Press. Fold again on the crease and stitch.

This can be a little confusing so here are the step by step pics:

1- Press up 5/8" from raw edge

Ease in fullness if necessary.

2- Open and press raw edge into the crease previously formed . The fold will now be half as wide.

3- Fold and Press one more time along crease line. You will no longer be able to see the raw edge.

4- Stitch just inside of the hem - about 1/4" from edge. Here is how the finished hem should look.

Lastly, simply attach the top edge of the flounce to the bottom edge of the front panel (which has the pocket on it) with a 5/8" seam. You will need to clip the flounce edge so that it will curve correctly. Only stitch to within 3/8" of both outside edges.

The flounce is attached!


  1. Anonymous11.8.09

    Hi Kelli! THis looks great! I can't wait to make one soon. =)
    Alison King

  2. I just finished mine and this really helped! Thanks! I also posted a little strap turning how-to on my blog, if you think it would be helpful to others, it is here - http://katiekadiddlehopper.blogspot.com/2009/08/turning-closed-loop.html. I'm planning a facing/strap match up tute tomorrow. Y'all inspired me!

  3. Great info about narrow hems! I always dread hemming a curved piece becuase it's so difficult to get the bottom to turn without puckers or pulls.

    I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing: