OLD THINGS MADE NEW: jeans into kid's aprons

In an effort to save Mother Earth each month we will share one way we can make an existing object new for you. We all have piles of fabric and notions that we loved at one point or somehow became bequeathed to us. Maybe you fell out of love or never liked it in the first place, but don't throw it way, reinvent it or give it way. This month's apron project would also make a great gift in a fabric that, maybe not you, but someone else would love. Reuse!

One Summer afternoon a neighbor offered me about 300 lbs of brand new, but defective, Levi jeans. He was just going to throw them away! I had no idea what I would make of them, but I knew they had great potential, and I could always fall back on 100 jean blankets (Merry Christmas everybody!). I have yet to make a jean blanket out of them, and have hardly made a dent in my inventory, but I have made quite a few things (including, but not limited to: hand bags, patches, appliques, and kid aprons).

Making kid's aprons out of jean is simple, quick, and inexpensive. Cost: $1.50 Time: 20 minutes

1. cut up the inseam of one pant leg and then up through the back seam so it opens and lays flat.
2. I laid one of my daughter's existing aprons over the jeans and traced it with a permanent maker.
3. cut it out
4. using your desired thickness of double fold bias tape (it comes in many different colors), cover the edges by inserting the edge of the jean into the fold of the tape. Make sure to leave an opening for your child's head.
5. sew the tape on
6. decorate as desired. we used a little fabric paint to add the child's first name initial and then did a little infer painting at the bottom for our preschool princess project. I have made then for boys as well.


  1. what a great idea! there's just nothing like denim -

  2. I'm making these! Thanks for the great idea!

  3. I have been looking for the perfect project for my husbands old jeans. My kids will love these! Thanks for the idea and wonderful picture!