Maxi Dress : my fabric

I had a really hard time committing to a busy fabric for a dress that would cover most of my body, so I chickened out and went with a solid. I am not really sure what this fabric is made of. Some kind of cotton lycra blend. It is a grayish khaki (I love neutrals) with bit of stretch and a bit of a sheen. Best part about it is that it was only $1.39 a yard at Vogue fabrics so I jumped on it. I plan on layering it with a boyfriend cardigan and bold scarf to brighten it up a bit. Can't wait to get started!


  1. I am very interested to see how this turns out. I have the opposite problem from you, I'm afraid of neutrals and always steer towards prints! I guess the busyness of a print can hide my imperfect sewing a little better :)

    I've got some gray/navy batik fabric that I've been wanting to use for awhile, so I think I'll jump in and give this project a try with y'all!

  2. batik sounds sounds fun. so glad to have you along.

  3. I think I may need to alter the pattern - my measurements don't stack up with the ones on the back. Do you know of any sites that have some tips on how to do this?