Maxi Fabric

Kelli and I had a conversation about how hard it is to commit to a fabric that is everywhere, shoulder to foot. I ended up picking this navy blue paisley type fabric because it looked a lot like the one on the front of the pattern. I know, unoriginal, but I am making this one for a swimsuit cover up, so I'll try a little harder next time. I selected a cotton poly blend for it's no wrinkle and easy wipe off abilities. The navy blue is for the interfacing. Because my cottonpoly is quite slippery and flowy I wanted an interfacing with a bit more structure so I went with a stiffer cotton. And by the way this is me, Rian.


  1. Oh good, now I feel much less out of place having my photo all front and center. When I was looking for one to send you, I realized I hadn't taken a photo of myself in at least two years. Weird! Anyway, your fabric is quite nice. Where did you find it?

  2. The fabric is from JoAnns. I am usually shopping with two small kids so, it's not my favorite, but its a one stop shop and they are carrying some nicer lines. Every post will now start with a picture of who posted it as well, so you will not be alone :)

  3. I am really excited about this project. It will be my first with Presser Foot. Good luck with your dresses